Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little literary inspiration:

CUTWATER : noun 1) the most forward part of a ship; 2) a projecting sharp portion of a bridge or pier abutment designed to reduce the force of flowing water

... her flattened mammae, in sympathy with this tormented eructation of countenance, had put forth cutwaters and were rowelling her corsage.

- Beckett, "A Wet Night," More Pricks than Kicks, p. 61.

Cutwater will collect the best in Australian writing - fiction, literary journalism, poetry, comics and zines - for a literary anthology to be published in 2009 with the assistance of an Australian Council of the Arts Write In Your Face Grant. Submissions will open in July.

Cutwater was born when Sam Twyford-Moore, Daniel Collins and Ele Williams met and put together a grant application for the Australia Council of the Art's Write In Your Face grant. They were awarded the grant in May 2008. Ele unfortunately had to drop out of the project because of time constraints.

You can read about our grant here. Look out for the special mention we get in the first paragraph...